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RH Remote

Front of your RH Wireless Remote​

Primary Buttons

Back Button – Use to go back when you want to return to a previous setting within the application you are using. 

Menu Button – Adds media or music files to your favorite folder.

Arrows Up, Down, Left & Right Keys – Use as your navigation buttons. Using these buttons make your experience better. 

OK Button – This is your command button. Use when selecting the apps or content you want to access. In addition, when watching media content. Tap this button to bring up your play bar to stop, pause, rewind, etc.

ESC – When play bar is open, press to exit the play bar. Also, this is used as a “Back” button when Android.

Micro USB Port – This is how you charge your rechargeable wireless remote.

Back of your RH Wireless Remote

Frequently asked questions

The back of the remote is where your toggle switch is located. This is used  to turn your remote on and off.

This will vary based on usage. The average customer will need to charge once a week. 

The remote comes with a back light. This is a great feature when using the remote in the dark or in a low lite settings. It has an internal timer, that turns off the back light after 3 minutes of none usage. 

Best practice is to turn the remote off when your done using it. Meaning, once you select the content you want to listen to or watch. Turn the remote off. This will make your battery last 2-3 times longer.

This may happen from time to time. Just press the FN+RF buttons on your remote at the same time to pair your remote to your USB receiver again.

Press the FN+” buttons on your remote at the same time to turn your back light on and off. These are also referred to as your lowest right and left buttons.

Press the FN+Alt to turn your mouse pad on and off.

Following these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your remote
  2. Remove the USB receiver from your device
  3. Wait 3 seconds and reinsert
  4. Turn on your remote and wait for the blue light to flash on your remote
  5. Hold FN+RF button at the same time until blue light no longer flashes and is a continuous solid blue light